Heroes of Might and Magic 5: Friv Games Review

With the birth of the successor to the fame of the famous gaming series, it will probably not be superfluous to remember how it all began. Remember the grandiose King's Bounty, its logical continuation of Heroes, hurricane Heroes 2, Heroes 3, which are generally not called “heroin” in the gaming environment, it is so exciting, and Heroes 4 , one of the most controversial pages in the history of the series. But I think that the excursion is not exactly what you expect from me, dear readers. Let's not postpone the matter indefinitely and, jumping up and down with impatience, we will open the box with Heroes of Might & Magic 5.

We are going to the city of Emerald on a difficult road. HoMM

Way 5the hard drive of the modern user was long and thorny. 3DO, mom-and-dad of all "heroic" toys, to the greatest regret, went bankrupt, and the true reasons for the collapse, perhaps, will not be established by an experienced necromancer, such as those created by the developers' fantasy. The fate of the upcoming sequels remained uncertain for a long time.

And so the French company Ubisoft condescended to the gamers, bitterly mourning the likely death of their favorite game series (in fact, we, of course, understand that fondling such a significant title under a warm wing is the dream of any publisher), and graciously deigned to buy the rights to the trading the Heroes brand.

The development of the fifth part was entrusted to Nival Interactive, though under the vigilant control of the French side ...

Heroes. I'm lovin 'it!

So what is Heroes 5 at its core? As before, a unique mixture of turn-based strategy, turn-based tactics and role-playing game. However, the latter has always been only a spicy seasoning, rather than a full-fledged ingredient in a dish. The main tasks of the gamer are still the development of their own settlements, the training of troops, the study of territories. But the main thing is the conduct of hostilities.

"Heroes" are the quintessence of battles, they embodied everything that so attracts those interested in the history of wars: incredibly spectacular, although at first a little schematic, battles, dozens, hundreds of formations with various skills and abilities, boundless tactical and strategic possibilities. The fifth part, fortunately, did not change the traditions of the series. Let's see who will get us victory without sparing their belly.

Workers of sword and ax.

The fourth part was accused by many for stealing an ingenious idea of ​​the much less popular Disciples - the concept of choosing troops. Choosing, say, the crusaders, we were deprived of the opportunity to train monks in the city. However, if in Disciplesit was thought out to the smallest detail, balanced and entertaining, but in "Heroes" for some reason it looked clumsy, clumsy and out of place.

Rejoice, friends! The thinkers from Nival made the Solomon decision - to return to the model of the third part and open access to all possible troops. There are six locks in front of us - everything is as if on a selection. Each of them can train 7 types of troops and improve them. Improved fighters can boast not only improved characteristics, but also special abilities. For example, imperial griffins fly away exactly one turn from the battlefield, in order to then attack enemies with a vengeance and fury.

Haven (Life)- the castle of knights, brave warriors and priests, the stronghold of the civilized world struggle with the infernal filth and the dead, and it is also one of the "long-livers" of the series. From game to game, the "heroic" world mercilessly chattered on the waves of reform, but Haven, oddly enough, managed to elude change and changed very little. It happened here too. Instead of spearmen, peasants are offered, who are now able not only to screech from the battlefield, showing the enemies sparkling heels, but also to stand up, gathered in mighty mobs, for their native land.
Inferno (Hell)- the antagonist of Haven, a bunch of demons, devils, demons and other infernal personalities obsessed with the unhealthy idea of ​​capturing large living spaces, which, according to the traditions of fantasy games, are occupied by good people. In the fourth part, this castle was removed altogether, but then such a hail of indignant letters rained down on 3DO that the Nival's people returned Hell to its rightful place first of all. He has not undergone any special changes, except that the place of the shooters is taken by the demonic succubus, and the gogi-magogi went to retire.

Next in line is the most original castle - Dungeon, the refuge of the dark elves. These comrades seem to have left the pages of R. Salvatore's books, at least the surroundings are appropriate, the characters are just as vile, the tactics of warfare are identical. The inhabitants of the dungeons are matriarchy, so do not be surprised that most of your charges will be women.

Academy (Academy) - the traditional castle of magicians, spellcasters and wizards. This castle is served by magical creatures such as genies, titans and rakshasas (cats that skillfully slash enemies on shawarma) and magically animated creatures. The inhabitants migrated to the "Heroes" straight from Eastern mythology. In general, a slight curtsey towards the East has always been characteristic of the Academy.

The second super popular "regular" of hero games - Necropolis (Necropolis)- certainly available. The necropolis, as well as many years ago, is run by sorcerers-necromancers, who gathered under the banners of darkness a huge army of the dead.

And finally, the last candidate for the public's favorites is Sylvan , a natural plant castle. This faction in its current state did not appear on the arenas of battles, but the fighters are well known to everyone: well-aimed elf archers, druids, dendroids. Perhaps the closest Sylvan got to Nature from the fourth part.
Carried away by the train of the plot, the positive races must unite under the leadership of Nicholas, the Emperor of the people, and resist the forces of evil, intent on taking over the world, despite the eternal failures in this noble endeavor.

Motherland ordered to build.

An important process of settlement development is organized more than traditionally. The Town Hall and its descendant the Capitol, like the Mint, regularly churn out clean money. Forts protect cities from aggressive neighbors and serve as military enlistment offices. Magic towers teach spells of five levels: on the fifth the most powerful, on the first and second - generally available, but no less useful. On the market, you can exchange the surplus of some resources for those that the faction especially desperately needs, in a tavern - to hire heroes and send a clever scout to the opponents, who will sniff out what's what and tell you about the state of affairs. In the forge, you can again build a medical tent, a ballista (powerful siege weapon) and an ammunition cart for archers and other marksmen.

Each castle was presented with one completely unique structure, which gives certain buns. For example, in a knight's stronghold, you can retrain peasants into champions, and academic magicians can look through old notes and learn how to exchange the souls of creatures for artifacts.
Seasoned players will figure it out in an instant in the economic system. Of the seven resources, three (gold, wood and iron ore) go to the construction of all buildings, hiring combat formations and various costs, for the remaining four (sulfur, mercury, crystals and gems) you can build the most advanced buildings and hire the most powerful warriors.

The character leveling system was mercilessly curtailed. The limit of the skills that the hero masters is six. The magic component has undergone serious changes. There are only forty spells left, but their possible deficiency is partially made up by "perks", which are similar in effect to enchantments.

We walk in a long line to take the capital.

The game has moved to full 3D, but nowadays it is not easy to surprise. It's a little unusual to contemplate "Heroes" in three dimensions at once, otherwise - there is nothing outstanding in the implementation of this technical idea. Nothing but cards. The maps are an example of design art, worked out and detailed, we have no doubt that many sleepless nights were invested in each of them, and the result is obvious - these magnificent locations simply do not want to leave.

The main novelty is the "initiative" parameter. It determines how often units will attack. The less initiative, the less often the warrior contributes to the overall victory. The more, the more often it attacks. Shooters, for example, have extremely high initiative, and they manage to stuff the melee luminaries with their shells, like a pad of pins.

Special thanks to the developers for the added ability to replay the poor results of the Silicon Dumbass when choosing a "quick battle". Sometimes it was simply impossible to trust the control of your pets to a computer, but now processor errors are allowed to be corrected independently.
The heroes were forbidden to engage in a brawl, their lot is to sit behind the cordon and bring down variegated spells on the heads of enemies.

Where, where have you gone, my golden days of spring?

The first blow below the belt awaits us almost instantly. "Heroes" have undergone a thorough redesign, the style of design has completely changed. A dashing video in the start menu, which is a battle of a monk with a devil for life, but quite the opposite, hurricane gameplay, fleeting, feisty battles, after which you will not immediately get away from the action. Hmmm, parallels (maybe idolatry, huh?) With Warcraft 3so obvious that they hardly tried to hide them from the tenacious eyes of meticulous players. I don't argue that Heroes 5 looks pretty rejuvenated and refreshed from the labors of the righteous, but this fresh original stream seems to irreversibly wash away some fabulousness, fantasy inherent in the early games of the series. What can you do - a green orc is in vogue, with a proud roar of "Zag-zag", blowing the head of a bright paladin to Nerubova's mother. It's just a shame that this "tribute to fashion trends" now reigns supreme in the gaming industry.

Nival Interactive screwed up the interface again. Answer, dear developers, really, with the professionalism and skills sufficient to create games that are good in all respects, it is difficult to drive the team, sawed jigsaw interfaces Blitzkrieg 2 ,Operations: Silent Storm and Hire Neat Workers? It must be thought that it is difficult, since "Heroes" suffer from the same problem - it is simply impossible to understand indistinct buttons, strange pictograms and wonderful menus without alcohol-containing products. Unpleasantly surprised by the main font of the game. Yes, it's pretty cute, but it's completely standard - Monotype Corsiva, which every Windows XP user has. For a project of this scale, I would like more.

A little upset and artificial intelligence, somehow inconsistently it works to its fullest. Enemies, growling and cursing, rush at full speed to our battle formations, forcing the entire battle to be carried out in the strongest tension, or else they lie belly up in the sun and sunbathe, completely forgetting about the need to shake the sides of the player. If a live player is emulated in this way, which is not immune from errors, I take off my hat to Nival. Otherwise, I throw another brick into their garden.

And then there are bugs. Well-fed, arrogant fat beetles, missed by the raids of testers. There are no item descriptions, the "Wait" button (don't be alarmed, the W key works, thank God), scripts behave in an incomprehensible way, in the elven campaign half of the players, including your humble servant, stalled due to a failed trigger. It's scary to even think that we could contemplate if Ubisoft did not postpone the release date to May ...

These eyes are opposite, on the windowsill.

The developers copied not only the dynamics of WarCraft 3but also a visual design. Celebrate vibrant, juicy, cartoonish graphics. In addition, they also saved on videos, most of which were piled on the game engine, so the overall impression of the video sequence remained ambiguous. On the one hand, I realize that there is and cannot be anything wrong with the "Warcraft" graphics, but on the other hand, it is like Half-Life 2 , shining with all the colors of the rainbow. Is the atmosphere ruined? No, no, completely redesigned. Time will tell to what extent such processing will be justified; personally, I attribute it rather to the disadvantages.

The sound is good enough not to distract from the gameplay, but it is significantly inferior to the excellent compositions from the previous series. But there are a lot of tracks, according to the principle "if not quality, then at least quantity."

Final comments:

I have two news: good and bad. I'll start with the bad one: the series did not develop. Nival Interactive took all the best developments of the third and fourth parts, threw them into a large vat, filled with graphics "a la WarCraft", did not forget to add bugs to taste and served the resulting vinaigrette on the table. Good: it's still "Heroes", such as we love them. In part, this explains the high final score.

Plot. The story of the confrontation between the Beaver and the Donkey is present, but it is extremely optional. The main thing in Heroes 5 is the action that unfolds on separate maps of the campaign.

Graphic arts. Rainbow bright, beautiful and juicy. Suitable for children's arcade, humorous adventure and WarCraft 3. Not suitable for "Heroes".
Sound. Middle hand voice acting. It is a pity that the composers did not try a little more, because in games of this kind the atmosphere is 50% created by high-quality melodies and background effects.


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